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edaddy logo"In the ever competitive marketplace of today, the customer is undoubtedly the king and customer relationship management techniques have emerged as the keys to surefire success. The basic purpose of incorporating CRM in a business is to manage customer interactions effectively and synchronize business related requirement by cogent management of customer related data."

 " A complete CRM solution for your Tech Support Business, The most advanced and easy to use CRM available in the market " 

What is eDaddy?

eDaddy is one such comprehensive CRM software that enables businesses to manage case details, sales, customer support and inventory with the help of a single interface. Delightfully user-friendly, eDaddy provides a holistic overview of customer interactions helping businesses to establish stronger relationships with their customer bases. The solution comprises of a robust mechanism of automated procedures that allows customer interactions through auto-responders. It keeps customers up-breast with the services they are paying for.

Service Areas
eDaddy is call center CRM software with a mammoth range of service areas inclusive of customer service management, knowledge management, case management, reporting management, analysis management, sales and marketing management, financial management, employee management, quality assurance management, SLA management, Admin management, resource management, data management and so on.

Key Features

Salient features of eDaddy:

  • eDaddy is a highly effective and completely interactive platform supporting all entities from technicians, to QA analysts, to customers, customer service execs, human resource professionals, admin execs and of course business owners.
  • It is simple to operate yet immensely powerful in its functions as a single integrated platform connecting the various departments involved in the functioning of an organization like sales, accounts, payroll, HR and so on.
  • eDaddy also addresses issues related to CRM management, knowledge management, interaction and communication both with internal team members as well as customers, over the internet. It is essentially a web-based application which makes it specifically popular among users.
  • It allows rapid data entry.
  • The database can never be directly accessed by the general user. Therefore, there isn’t any scope of accidental or even deliberate loss of data.

Technology Involved

  • eDaddy is developed around the latest technology involving high-end software solutions coupled with strict data security.
  • It is developed on the LAMP technology which is widely accepted all across the globe.
  • It supports technologies like bar code and smart card.
  • It also supports the usage of 128 bit encryption SSL for certain crucial transactions.

The Benefits

  • This entire solution is web based. Therefore, data management would be extremely simple. Besides, it provides free and easy navigation.
  • There is zero redundancy when it comes to data when managing information online.
  • It is an easily accessible concept that helps in reducing the workload immensely.

In a nutshell therefore, eDaddy helps you to work smart. You can use it to enhance your efficiency quotient considerably.

Maintenance Aspects

  • eDaddy offers a completely virus free working environment, thus minimizing the qualms associated with the job of the system administrator.
  • It is extremely easy to maintain the application and the complete application remains available online decreasing the maintenance liabilities substantially.
  • The company retains complete control of managing the system. Therefore, there is far lesser dependency on the departmental staff for carrying out core functions. All basic features are uploaded and the vital sections are completely automated.


  • The application is built upon a complete open ended architectural base. This enables the solution to developed and then implemented through planned phases. Actualizing the future upgrades without disrupting the existing implementation is also simple.
  • The application ensures maximum scalability; therefore, the solution can be easily implemented through the web



  • Customer Demography
  • Case Management
  • Users Management
  • Master data Management
  • Automated Email Management
  • Notice Board
  • Internal Email
  • Login, Logout, Production Hours
  • Break, Ready, Not Ready Hours
  • Promotional Services Management
  • Subscription Management
  • Escalation Management
  • Reports
  • Invoice Management
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Customer Self Service Portal
  • Knowledge Base management
  • Agent’s service Portal
  • Resource Management
  • Reminder Management
  • Stats Management
  • Payroll Generation
  • HR Management
  • SLA Management
  • Quality Assurance Management
  • Training & Exam Management
  • Sales Incentive Management
  • Integrated Payment Gateway 
  • Internal Chat
  • Live Help  and Many more......









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