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Call Center Setup

Having a call center setup in place would be a wise decision to make in the given times. However, before opting for a call center setup, there would be some concrete decisions to make. To begin with, you would need to assess the effectiveness of having a dedicated BPO setup in place instead of sticking around with the existing system. We at GAPS Technologies would help in devising customized CRM solutions for your call center setup that prove to be just right for your needs.

Questions to Ask before Investing on a Call Center Setup

  • At which time of the day are the calls arriving? Are there troughs and peaks? Is there a noticeable surge during the first half of the day that is resulting in a knock-on impact during the latter hours?
  • How is the existing process working? By having a dedicated call center setup in place, would it be possible to reduce the call lengths or bring down the volume of repeat calls or call backs?
  • Is there a “bog down” factor in the process at any point in time? Is there a speed ramp?
  • What would be the main reasons for abandoning the current system? Are there complicated calls, or long waits or are there other reasons that are forcing the change?

In addition, once you have decided on a shift, make sure the members involved in customer relationship management know about it and are completely informed about the reasons responsible for the change. Convincing them about the proceedings would help in motivating them to work towards the cumulative success of the initiative.

Setting up a call center would also involve some comprehensive budget planning. Make sure you have sufficient time at hand for impeccable planning and effortless execution. Call GAPS Technologies for complete help and assistance.


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